Diesel Platforms

The development of diesel platforms with load capacity 2000, 3000 and 5000 kg is a new trend in our production activity. We created the first in Bulgaria off-road diesel platform for rough terrain.

The multifunctional platforms are characterized by: high efficiency; 4x4 wheel formula; four-speed gearbox with smooth speed control; big clearance - large diameter tires and a suitable grapple; an opportunity to overcome a water obstacle with a depth of 800 mm; possibility of central inter-axial blocking of the differential.

The range of diesel transport platforms is complemented by the new series PR with load capacities 2000 and 3000 kg.

Diesel Platforms Diesel Platforms Diesel Platforms Diesel Platforms Diesel Platforms Diesel Platforms Diesel Platforms

Technical specifications

Model Loading capacity [kg] Wheels (x-driven) Climbing ability
With nominal load / without load [%]
Travel speed
with load/withoud load, [km/h]
MPR 20 2000 2x/2x 40/45 40/45
MPR 30 3000 40/45
MPR 50 5000 35/40
PR 20 2000 2 /2x 35/38 18 / 20
PR 30 3000 30/32

Advanced technical characteristics

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